The Autumn Collection

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This collection of video tutorials presents you with paint-a-long lessons for 6 fresh autumnal watercolors!  From mums, to pumpkins, game birds, to festive wreaths and foliage, these videos give you the chance to let your creativity flower.  This is not a rolling subscription website; one purchase gets you access to these 6 videos.

Tutorials cover:

  • Fall Crysanthemums
  • Heirloom Pumpkins
  • Bobwhite Quail
  • Autumnal Wreath
  • Autumn landscape
  • Hand painted cards

A couple FAQs:

How should I use the videos?

The videos are designed to Teach and Inspire; here is how to use them:

1.  Gather your supplies.  We offer simple watercolor supplies in our shop, or use your own set.  The important thing is to paint, so don't overthink what supplies you buy; just use what you have!

2.  Watch the video all the way through first.

3.  Now watch the video again and paint along; pausing the video as you need to.

4.  Use the projects to make something lovely for your home, or to gift!

Why do you paint so quickly on the videos; I can't keep up!

Videos are designed for modern life, so we try to keep them brief and meaningful.  This is why we suggest you watch it once through first, before following along to paint.  When you're ready to paint, make use of that pause button for the best experience!

Why don't you specify paint colors in your videos?

I prefer not to focus too much on names or brands of paint so that you feel free to use what you already have, or can afford to buy.  We do offer a kit for these projects in our shop if you'd like to purchase from us.   If you'd like some basic instruction in Color Theory and how to mix colors, please visit my free guide here.

Can I use these videos to paint with a group?

No.  Your purchase is good for you and members of your household.  If you want to use the videos in a group setting, for example a painting party or with friends, please purchase the "Paint Party" option at an additional fee.